Formerly SCDSL - Southern California Developmental Soccer League

Board of Directors and Technical Committee

Board of Directors

Rick Hough President West Coast FC
Robert Simon Treasurer Beach FC
Dave Mildrew Member-at-large So Cal Blues
Greg Gluchowski Member-at-large South Slammers
Open Secretary
Open Member-at-large


Technical Committee

Alberto Bru LAFC So Cal
Tad Bobak So Cal Blues
Mauricio Ingrassia Beach FC
Don Ebert Strikers FC
Josh Hodges Legends FC
Teddy Chronopolous Pateadores
Steve Cowell City SC
Ryan Marquez Rebels SC


Key Staff

Michelle Chesters

Executive Director

Bob Turner

Executive Director, San Diego

Cris Gilmore

Director of Special Programming

Hayley Barker

Accounting and League Operations Manager

Blake George

NPL Commissioner & Master Scheduler

Melika Pirodan

Social Media, Marketing and League Support

Christine Van Slyke

Customer Experience Manager and League Support